Mapping Non-Market Concepts: Is Reconciliation Possible?


Non-market activities of firms have been examined in the management field through different concepts such as Corporate Political Activity (CPA), Corporate Political Tie (CPT), and Political Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR). However, the literature is ambiguous regarding whether these notions share common conceptual and intellectual maps or are mutually exclusive. This study aimed to investigate this ambiguity through bibliometric analysis. After eliminating documents in the Web of Science database, 583 related articles published between 2000- 2021 emerged as final data. Analyses were performed via the R package Biblioshiny module. In short, as is evident from the findings, although CPA, CPT, and PCSR concepts have similar departure points, it does not seem possible to gather them under a single conceptualization since they also have diverging points that make reconciliation problematic.

Anahtar Kelimeler

bibliometric analysis non-market strategies state-business relations corporate political activity political corporate social responsibility