Türkiye’de İş Ahlakı ve İş Etiği Üzerine Yapılmış Lisansüstü Tezlerin Analizi: Sistematik Derlemeye Dayalı Nitel Bir Araştırma


This study has been prepared to present the general view of postgraduate theses and doctorates on business morality and business ethics in Turkey. A total of 98 postgraduate theses, 38 of which involve business morality and 60 of which involve business ethics, were reached as a result of a search in the Thesis Archive of the Turkish Higher Education Institution on January 30, 2021 using the keywords “business morality” and “business ethics”. The 98 graduate theses constituting the sample of the study were evaluated using the method of systematic compilation research in terms of type, year, university, institute, department, branch of science, original language, advisor title, purpose, main focus, and methodology. The data obtained were subjected to content analysis and descriptive analysis and interpreted in line with the problematics of the research. As a result of the research, most postgraduate theses were determined to have been conducted in 2016 as the subject of postgraduate theses from various universities, institutes, scientific branches, and departments. As such, the issues of business morality and business ethics have spread to different academic disciplines. Faculty members with the title of Professor have been identified as the advisors to these theses. When examining the purpose and main focus of the postgraduate theses and doctorates, business morality and business ethics were determined to be associated with business subjects, and upon deepening the analysis, these were mainly associated with organizational behavior issues. This study presents a detailed general view of postgraduate theses and doctorates on business morality and business ethics conducted in Turkey between 1996-2021. While carrying out the study through systematic compilation and evaluation is an important initiative, the intention of contributing within the national context increases the importance of the study.


Business ethics morality postgraduate education systematic review