Aim & Scope

Goal & Scope

Turkish Journal of Business Ethics is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal that is published twice a year (Spring and Fall) since 2008 by the Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (İGİAD).

Turkish Journal of Business Ethics publishes theoretical and empirical research and book reviews focusing on "business ethics".

In this framework, the journal publishes articles on the following topics:

  • Philosophical and historical background on the foundations of business ethics,
  • Theoretical discussions about business ethics,
  • The relationship of the market and corporate environment with business ethics,
  • The effect of the political, social and cultural environment on business ethics,
  • Business ethics practices and problems in organizations,
  • The relationship between business ethics and functions of business in organizations,
  • Practices and problems related to work and professional ethics,
  • The relationship of management approach and practices to business ethics,
  • Business ethics regulations and ethical codes in organizations,
  • Social responsibility of organizations,
  • Development and education of business ethics.

The aim of the journal is to serve as a channel for international, disciplinary or interdisciplinary, original and scientific studies, and to contribute to the production of quality information about business ethics. For this reason, the studies to be published are expected to exhibit technical competence as well as provide new and original contributions to the discussions on business ethics. Thus, we aim to create an accumulation that will benefit people and/or institutions working in the field of business ethics. The target audience of the journal is individuals and institutions related to business ethics, especially academia, the world of business, and public institutions.

While Turkish Journal of Business Ethics is open to studies within the framework of different fields of expertise, the journal prioritizes studies dealing with business ethics in relation to economics, business administration, public administration, sociology, psychology, health, law, political science, social policy, working life, etc.