Management of Patient Information and Privacy Protection


Today’s advances in science and technology, the desire of patients to receive quality treatment and care,
and their demands to identify them have facilitated access to personal data and brought about the need to protect and store information. Protection of patient privacy, which is the basis of reliable care, is a requirement of individual autonomy. At this point, the confidentiality of highly sensitive patient information and the transmission of this information is an important parameter. The use of advanced technologies, especially in the health system, facilitates immediate access to and exchange of information, enhances the quality of care, but raises ethical concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy violations. It is clear that these systems, which have many benefits such as disseminating the right information, improving the health professional-patient relationship within the framework of ethical and pragmatic principles and developing medical practices, have potential risks and obstacles for violations of confidentiality and privacy. It was seen that there are not enough studies on this subject. In the studies conducted, it was determined that different advanced health information technologies were examined separately and an environment that would allow for evaluation among the methods was not created. From this point of view, this article was written in order to raise awareness and create a reference for the development of appropriate policies in this regard by
mentioning the important information about patient rights, confidentiality of patient information and the studies on transferring this information.


Confidentiality privacy ethics technology