Universities and Ethics: Pressures or Psychological Violence (Mobbing)


The present paper aimed to investigate non-ethical behaviors and compulsion / psychological violence (mobbing) to which faculty in universities are subjected to. Thus, faculty members who were employed in universities across Turkey and had been subjected to a non-ethical behavior or compulsion/psychological violence were determined. A total of 15 faculty members were interviewed for the study. The research was formed in a qualitative design. Phenomenology, which is appropriate for qualitative research motives,
has been employed in the present research. In terms of the structure, a standardized, open-ended interview is used. Within the context of qualitative evaluations frequency analysis and categorical content analysis were used for the interview records. According to the findings, the reasons of such non-ethical behaviors and compulsion/psychological violence are: the autocratic structure of management; the lack of organizational culture; individual envies/rivalries; and desires to block one another’s promotion. The present study suggests that non-ethical behavior and compulsion / psychological violence phenomenon should be detected as soon as possible and precautions should be identified in order to prevent such incidents.


ethics compulsion mobbing emotional abuse university