Working Hard, Is it Dark? Ethical Values, Workaholism, and Psychological Contract Breach


This study has been designed to explore the direct and indirect relationships among work enjoyment, being compelled to work (work driven), ethical values, and psychological contract breach (PCB). The research was carried out using 357 questionnaire data obtained from academic staff working at a state university in Turkey. The obtained findings show the work enjoyment dimension of workaholism to increase ethical values while the work-driven dimension decreases ethical values. Meanwhile, the work driven dimension negatively mediates the positive effect from the work enjoyment dimension on ethical values. Moreover, the organizational ethics sub-dimension of academic ethical values negatively affects the perception of PCB. Therefore, although the study provides significant contributions to the extant literature on business ethics, workaholism, and PCB, the findings also have significant implications for researchers and practitioners. The theoretical and practical implications of all the findings have been discussed and evaluated in the context of the literature.


Ethical values psychological contract breach workaholism work enjoyment ethical values in academics academic integrity