The Moral Perspective on Human Resources Management: Evaluating HRM Processes in Terms of Moral Values


As in other areas of life, it is also important to realize that human is the essential element in the working
life, so that the classical Personnel Management (PY) approach is abandoned and the human resources management (HRM) approach that takes the person to the center of the center is one of the most important developments of our age. However, this does not mean that the problems in the mentioned area have disappeared. HRM is one of the areas where moral problems are most intense. Moral problems bring with them significant costs if they are not realized in time. The main approach in management science, it is not to waiting for the appearance of problems and not to take corrective effort for them, but to take preventive measures without delay. For the effectiveness and efficiency of HRM; policies should be integrated with individual, organizational and social values, processes should be planned and managed with this understanding. This study examines the dimensions of an HRM based on moral values to eliminate or reduce the impact of workplace problems. In this study, the ethical problems encountered in HRM are dealt with on the basis of main processes and how these processes can be designed in accordance with moral values are evaluated.


Moral/Ethical Values Human Resources Management (HRM) Employment Training and Development Salary Performance Protection