The Intermediary Effect of Person-Organization Fit and Perceived Ethicality on Organizational Commitment: The Concept of Halal Hotel Enterprises


This study aims to reveal the relationship of hotel employees’ perceptions of ethicality and person-organization fit with organizational commitment. As this concept is closely related to ethical values, halal hotel enterprises have been chosen for the sample. Measuring the relationship in this study among employees’ perceptions of ethicality, person-organization fit, and organizational commitment within the scope of halal hotel enterprises will help human resources make better decisions, make a significant contribution to the academic literature, and provide important information to businesses and employers in this new and rapidly growing market. This study primarily investigates whether values, organization’s ethical values in halal-conceptualized hotels, and the employees’ individual ethical values are compatible. The study then attempts to determine how employees perceive the organization’s ethical environment, whether their perceptions affect their adaptation and commitment to the organization, and if so, how. To this end, a questionnaire has been applied to 394 participants working in hotels conceived as being halal and that operate in various cities of Turkey. The analysis results reveal that ethicality partially affects organizational commitment through person-organization fit and that other variables could have an intermediary relationship between organizational commitment and perceived ethicality. At the same time, the effect of ethicality on person-organization fit has been found statistically significant, with increases in the variable of ethicality increasing the variable of person-organization fit.zamanda etik değişkeninin birey-örgüt uyumu değişkeni üzerindeki etkisi istatistiksel olarak anlamlı bulunmuş, bu durum ise etik değişkeni artarken birey-örgüt uyumu değişkeni değerinin arttığını ortaya koymuştur.


Ethicality Person-organization fit Organizational commitment Halal hotels Organizational ethics