Social Marketing and Its Moral Dimensions


Social marketing applications have become a frequently used method for being able to positively influence social issues in the entire world. Campaigns sustained by using social marketing methods to solve social problems on issues like health and education are found in Turkey. Because of the bearing on large communities and being directed toward highly sensitive and critical issues, social marketing applications and the methods used within these applications are taken from different angles and criticized on points like their effectiveness, usefulness, and supervision. The moral dimension of social marketing is a topic that has been often debated in recent years. The purpose of this research is to evaluate attitudes toward the different dimensions of social marketing practices mainly over the moral dimension. Together with this it intends to detect whether or not these attitudes differ according to certain variables. According to our research findings, participants find social marketing useful for the community but are worried that moral issues could arise. For this reason they want social marketing to be more tightly controlled by the state. At the same time, participants who found social marketing problematic from the moral perspective were seen to have more negative attitudes toward the effectiveness of social marketing.


Social marketing Social marketing ethics Marketing ethics Social issues Moral issues