Trade Ethics as a Behavioral and Organizational Model


This study includes an analysis of trade within a framework of social and cultural factors. Indeed, trade is a field of social action and it is not independent of moral values and principles. Therefore trade and its ethics provide a strong counter argument for economic life as simply a material life. As a result, trade ethics as a behavioral and organizational model can be included in a solid frame. Some historical and social examples in Turkey bear a character that may accommodate such an approach. In the light of these assumptions, this paper aims to reveal the essence of the behavior deemed appropriate for the traders. To that end, the study is based on three basic main sections. First, it is assumed that there is a bond between sociality, ethics and economics and this bond involves traders as well. The second section is the backbone this study and includes the basic principles of trade ethics for a healthy establishment of business and ethics relations. The last section discusses and analyzes examples about local facilities and global developments as approaches to the foundation of the topic.


ethics moral values organization social responsibility trade