Seeking Morality in Media


In this paper, the focus will be on a general framework of morality which media morality is based on. Media morality is related to everyone that is under the influence of media. The world is a global village which we conceive through media, and everywhere the media reaches is its domain. In this respect, media is vital. Considering the place and importance it has on our lives, the following questions need to be addressed: What are the ethical codes of media? Is media morality just professional ethics? Has media a vicious and devastating influence and if any, could we be protected from these influences by “intellectual self-defense”? The article will touch upon these questions and then will suggest that “media could be restrained not by directives, standards and principles as an external morality, but by internal codes”. The person who is involved in media can establish this internal control within himself. To be able to do this, we should stress our own morality sphere as well as media morality sphere, for moral action depends ultimately upon the free and principled decision of an individual and is based on conscience in this sense.


ethics communication ethics Mc Luhan media self-defense consciousness