Role of the Business Schools in Institutionalisation of the Ethical Behaviours


Increased unethical corporate practice in the world and in Turkey bring the debate whether business school prevent corporate infringes by teaching ethics as a part of their curriculum. Therefore, ethics related lessons rapidly took a part of business school curriculums. Objective of this study is to what extend the ethics lessons made a part of the curriculum and how they are adopted by the business faculty or department in Turkish Universities. The study used neo-intuitional theory as conceptual frame and data were analysed by using documentary analysis as a method. Findings show that, business schools which made ethics as a part of their curriculum not reached a considerable number yet. When we evaluate these fi ndings together with the decoupled practice with technical system, as a result we can say that the actual case characterized decoupled rather than supported institutionalisation of ethical behaviours.


decoupling ethics education loosely coupled systems institutionalization