The Mobbing Behaviours Perceived by Guidance Counselors at School Context


The purpose of this survey is to conduct a multi dimensional study of the mobbing behaviours that are perceived at school environment by guidance counselors who work at the primary public schools. The study was conducted on the 306 primary public school guidance counselors (217 female, 89 male) who work on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul city. The study was applied as a survey model. As the data gathering method, a mobbing questionnaire which is developed by Abbas Ertürk and adopted by the researcher was used. As a result of the survey, according to the gender variable it was observed that the male counselors are less exposed to mobbing behaviours rather then their female colleagues. When it comes to the marital status variable being married, single or to belong to the other category it did not seem to make a huge difference. It was understood that most of the counselors both work at the first and second levels of primary schools alone. Thus, the counselors who have a statistically great percentage work at the two levels at the same time. This group again seems to have perceived the mobbing behaviours most. In terms of age; 41-46 age, 47-52 age, 53 age and the above group. The finally investigated variable of work experience points out that the respondents whose work experience is 16-20 years, 21 years and more seems to be less mobbed.


psychological aggression mobbing emotional abuse intimidation