Green Supply Chain Management as a Determinant of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Reputation


In the globalizing world, businesses have switched to an understanding that gives importance to recycling, reuse, and reproduction by revising their production and distribution strategies to more efficiently use the natural resources they obtain from the environment. As a result of the increasing concerns about environmental issues in recent years, interest in environmental social responsibility and green supply chain management practices have significantly increased. Green supply chain management plays a key role in helping businesses gain a competitive advantage and increase their environmental image. We were unable to encounter any study addressing the variables of green supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, and corporate reputation in the literature review. The study aims to examine the impact green supply chain management has on corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation. The sample of the study consists of 285 employees from enterprises. This study has concluded a relationship to exist between green supply chain management’s sub factors and corporate social responsibility’s sub-factors. Green supply, green packaging, green transportation, and green warehousing have been determined to positively affect enterprises’ corporate reputation. In addition, the study hopes to raise awareness about the green supply chain process.


Green supply chain management corporate social responsibility corporate reputation green logistics reverse logistics