Unethical Situations Encountered Using the Organism Concept in the Context of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports


The practices of environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports are the best tools to protect the nature.
Our study focuses on organism term that is very important part of the EIA reports. In this context, we analyzed the organism concept and investigated 52 reports from Turkey that were prepared between 2006 and 2016. According to our results, unethical situations were determined that have two main reasons: 1) Despite there is no restriction on the environmental legislation about organism concept that was used as being narrowed in investigating reports (except one). 2) Determination of the species is incomplete and inadequate in terms of narrowed organism concepts in nearly all reports. Because of depending on these two factors, there are ethical problems during preparation and acceptance stages of EIA reports. We determined that in general, during preparation stage, professional ethical principles are violated whilst during acceptance stage, public ethical principles are violated.


Environmental impact assessment organism term public ethic nature