Ethical Dilemmas in Finnish Debt Collection – An Explorative Case Study

Yazar/lar: Jarkko Jalonen, Tuomo Takala

DOI: 10.12711/tjbe.2016.9.0011

Yıl: 2016 Cilt: 9 Sayı: 1


It is inevitable that ethical questions arise in debt collection organizations and leadership, which is then good ground to identify whether debt collection is good or evil. Therefore we consider that a good standpoint for qualitatively explain the ethical dilemmas arising in our case study context. The article adopts a case study approach to examine Finnish Collection Agency Ltd., and applies a qualitative content analysis of interview data gathered by asking five employees to answer ten questions about how they see conflicts between their work and their own ethical thoughts. We obtained a rich description of the issues facing the debt collection business in Finland. In addition, the conceptual framework is further developed for forthcoming studies.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Debt collection • Business ethics • Finland • Virtue ethics • Ethical leadership • Deontology • Ethics of emotions • Ethical dilemmas

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