The Ethical Behaviors of Principals in Private Schools


This study aims to investigate school principals’ ethical behaviors according to the opinions of private
school teachers. The study uses the phenomenological design from among the qualitative research designs and has been conducted with 16 private school teachers who have been determined using the snowball sampling method. The data obtained from a semi-structured interview form have been analyzed using descriptive analysis. The private school teachers’ opinions on their principal’s ethical behaviors have been divided into the following themes: (a) the personality characteristics of ethical school principals, (b) the behavior of ethical school principals towards employees, (c) the unethical behaviors of school principals and teachers, (d) school principals’ sanctions against unethical behaviors, and (e) the characteristics of an ethical school. The findings indicate that private school principals do not treat teachers according to the principle of equality, and unethical behaviors exist among teachers in the form of efforts to reveal other teachers as frauds and to try and get ahead. In addition, school principals have been found to tend to ignore unethical behaviors.


Ethics business ethics school principal private school