Examining the Relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Image and Organizational Commitment


The purpose of this study is to reveal the effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the formation of
corporate image (CI) and organizational commitment (OC). The population of the study is composed of employees from a hospital operating in Duzce province. The quantitative research method has been used in the study, and data have been obtained using the survey technique. In the study, a full counting method has been applied and a questionnaire given to 400 people. Of the 400 questionnaires, 296 were filled by the employees. The collected 296 questionnaires have been analyzed using SPSS software. Factor, correlation, and regression analyses have been applied to the obtained data. According to the results from the factor analysis, two dimensions emerged related to corporate social responsibility, four dimensions related to corporate image, and three dimensions related to organizational commitment. Corporate social responsibility’s dimensions are affordability and philanthropy. Corporate image’s dimensions are corporate communication, corporate appearance, corporate behavior, and perceived corporate image. Organizational commitment’s dimensions are normative commitment, emotional commitment, and commitment to continuity.According to the results from the regression analysis, certain dimensions from corporate social responsibility have revealed an effect on certain dimensions from corporate image. Again, the dimensions from corporate social responsibility have revealed an impact on organizational commitment’s dimensions of normative and commitment to continuity. Finally, certain dimensions from corporate image have also revealed an effect on certain dimensions of organizational commitment.boyutlar ise kurumsal iletişim, kurumsal görünüm, kurumsal davranış ve algılanan kurumsal imajdır. Örgütsel bağlılık ile ilgili boyutlar ise normatif bağlılık, duygusal bağlılık ve devam bağlılığıdır. Yapılan regresyon analizi sonuçlarına göre ise kurumsal sosyal sorumluluğun bazı boyutlarının, kurumsal imajın bazı boyutları üzerinde etkisi çıkmıştır. Yine kurumsal sosyal sorumluluğun boyutlarının örgütsel bağlılığın boyutları olan normatif ve devam bağlılıkları üzerinde etkisi çıkmıştır. Son olarak kurumsal imajın bazı boyutlarının da örgütsel bağlılığın bazı boyutları üzerinde etkileri ortaya çıkmıştır.


Corporate social responsibility Corporate image Organizational commitment