Akyiğitzade Musa and Conservation Thought


In the 1830s, the idea of free trade entering the country through foreigners residing in the Ottoman Empire
and having ambassadors of foreign consuls in Istanbul became an unrivaled system of thought until the
1880s. Firstly in the 1870s, the 1838 Trade Agreement was signed in light of the principle of free trade. In
Tercüman-ı Hakikat, Ahmet Mithat and Mizancı Murat demanded protective customs tariffs in Mizan for
the country’s economic development and protection of industry. Kazanlı Akyiğitzade Musa, who taught
economics at the Military School in this period, also adopted the idea of patronage. In 1896, he said that
the state should protect industry with customs walls for the economic development of Ottomans in his
book İlm-i Servet: Azadeği-i Ticaret and Usul-i Himaye. In this study, the authoritarian economic views of
Akyigitzade Musa known as İktisad yahud İlm-i Servet: Azadeği-i Ticaret ve Usul-i Himaye ve İlm-i Servet
veyahut İlm-i İktisad will be given in the light of economics books.


Ottoman Empire Idea of economic suffering Akyiğitzade Musa