Call for Papers for Special Issue


“Professional Dilemmas and Work Ethics”

Turkish Journal of Business Ethics, biannually published by the Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association, is pleased to invite papers for the 2016 fall issue on “Professional dilemmas and work ethics”

Nowadays, the professional work environment was shaped by the tension between the pressure of the environment/market demands and professional ethics/standards. In such an environment, it can be said that we confront a fundamental problem and challenge that is protecting the principles of professions without eroding. In other words, we encounter more dilemmas while executing our professions in these days. It is observed that professionals and professional organizations are within the endeavor of protecting professional standards and ethics but they don’t take economic, political and technological changes, and their effects on professions sufficiently into account. It should be emphasized that insensitivity toward professional ethics and standards by justification of the prevalent practices is an unacceptable behavior, at the same time a professional approach and advocacy that disregard the conditions of the profession is also unrealistic. In this regard professionals and professional organizations should focus on both aspects of the issue.

Regarding professions, we witness a shift from independently conducted professional work to professional work executed in institutional /organizational environments. These institutional environments bring the conflict between corporate realisms -sometimes impositions- and, professional standards and ethics. In an environment such as this, it becomes difficult to take a clear stance; dilemmas increase because of the necessary obligation to look at the subject from different angles. In this regard, it seems that a large number of professionals confronted with the dilemmas. Intense dilemmas arise in professional fields, such as human resources, finance, and marketing, along with traditional professions such as medicine, law, and engineering. Investigating the emergence of dilemmas, along with the problems they pose, while conducting professions under the pressures of market, institutions and environment and their solutions is expected to provide important contributions both academically and on practically. For these reasons, the special issue focused on the relationship between work ethics and the dilemmas that are encountered during the execution of a profession. This issue is open to all professions without exception.

This special issue will focus on the subthemes listed below, but not be limited to these. Papers around these themes are also welcome:

  • The effect of economic, political, social, and technological changes on professions
  • Marketization and changes on the positions of the professions
  • New forms of organizations and their effects on professions
  • The problems and dilemmas specific to some professions that stemmed from the execution of professions in organizations/institutions environments
  • Ethical codes and dilemmas
  • Dilemmas encountered during professional conduct
  • The relationship of protecting professional standards and customer/client expectations
  • Professions and the auditing/controlling of professional activities
  • Professional dilemmas and the role of professional organizations
  • Professional dilemmas and the role of educational institutions

Because professions cover a large area, in this special issue papers will be accepted both focusing on a profession/discipline and also interdisciplinary perspective.

The Turkish Journal of Business Ethics invites academics and researchers from the social and human sciences to contribute to the journal. Researchers and academics who are planning to send papers for the “professional dilemmas and work ethics” special issue must submit by October 17,2016.

Papers must be submitted by using journal online service, therefore those articles sent via post or e-mail will not be accepted.

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Refereeing and the selection of papers will be conducted according to the journal’s normal procedures. Submitted papers should adhere to the format requirements of the Turkish Journal of Business Ethics, which can be found at .

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Special Issue Editor,

Prof. Dr. Nihat Erdoğmuş, Yıldız Technical University